About Called 2 Grow

At Called2Grow, our central mission is succinctly expressed in the statement, “Transforming Lives, Restoring Purpose.” This powerful mission encapsulates our dedication to fostering thriving communities through a holistic approach. While spiritual growth serves as the cornerstone, our interconnected programs work synergistically to bring about profound individual transformations and contribute to the restoration of purpose within the collective fabric of the community.

  1. Spiritual Growth as the Catalyst for Transformation: Grounded in our faith-based perspective, spiritual growth stands as the catalyst for personal and community-wide transformation. Through discipleship groups and spiritual initiatives, individuals embark on a transformative journey that goes beyond overcoming challenges, fostering a deep sense of purpose and connection.
  2. Addiction Recovery as a Testament to Transformed Lives: Our addiction recovery program is a testament to transformed lives, where individuals not only break free from the grip of addiction but also rediscover their inherent purpose. This program becomes a vital stepping stone, as participants not only transform individually but also contribute to the broader narrative of community well-being.
  3. Educational Empowerment for Informed Transformation: Empowering individuals with knowledge is integral to our mission. By providing educational initiatives on various topics, we ensure that transformation is informed and holistic. This approach extends beyond individual growth, contributing to a community that is knowledgeable, adaptive, and collectively empowered.
  4. Intentional Encouragement and Resilient Communities: Intentional encouragement is fundamental to our mission, cultivating resilience within individuals and communities. Through peer recovery groups and intentional community support, we create an environment where encouragement becomes a shared responsibility. This intentional support forms the bedrock of resilient and interconnected communities.
  5. Community Service and Shared Transformation: Active community involvement is woven into our mission, emphasizing the power of shared transformation. Through community service initiatives, individuals actively contribute to the well-being of others, fostering a sense of purpose that transcends individual narratives and becomes a collective endeavor.
  6. Jail Ministry for Inclusivity and Redemption: Our transformative mission extends to correctional facilities through jail ministry, embodying inclusivity and redemption. By offering support and resources to individuals in incarceration, we extend the opportunity for transformation and restoration of purpose, reinforcing the belief in second chances and community-wide inclusivity.

In essence, “Transforming Lives, Restoring Purpose” is not just a mission statement; it is a guiding principle that informs every facet of our work at Called2Grow. Through a comprehensive and interconnected approach, we strive to create thriving communities where each transformed life contributes to a collective sense of purpose, resilience, and interconnected well-being. Together, we envision communities that are not only transformed individually but are also united in purposeful living and mutual support.