C2G 2023 Valentine Day Fundraiser

Donations of $15 or more will get this amazing Tshirt!
For Donations of $40 or more please choose between a Tshirt and a Sweatshirt

Easy Way to Donate:

1. Click Donate Now Button

2. Select one of the predetermined donation amounts or select Other and donate what your lead to donate

3. Select Valentine Fundraiser

4. Click Add a Message

5. Include your phone number and tshirt size in the added message
If donating $40+ please include if you want a tshirt or sweatshirt

6. Click Give Now to complete your donation

If you would like to donate via Paypal, Cash App, or Venmo those options are at the bottom of the flyer

We will text you when the shirts are received for pickup or delivery!

We want to thank everyone for their kind hearted donations and for supporting C2G as we continue to share the Gospel and the Greatest Love Story Ever Told!!

If you did not enter your shirt size and number or forgot to make your selection, please email info@c2g.org with your name and this information and we will get it added to your order.